I'm Karolina, a director and editor with passion for engaging and powerful storytelling. My interests led me to develop skills in several directions of a film production, and even beyond. 
I direct and edit, write and do creative direction for brands. Currently I create my first podcast with bed-time stories for children. Exciting!
I never planned to have diverse skills, but as someone with lots of curiosity and interests in stories, philosophy, and psychology - how we tell narratives, convey them to the audience, and tap into universal emotions that everyone can relate to - I naturally built different skillsets overtime.
I had the privilege to work on many amazing projects, from branded content for Quickbooks and ThisWorks, social media campaigns to documentaries, and short films, like a BFI Network funded short film 'Asa.' 
Watch my directing and editing showreel below and if you need an editor, film or creative director, get in touch to discuss your project today!

           CZECH bed-time stories PODCAST 'KAROLKY'

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