Karolina is a film director of character-driven dramas. 
Her films thoughtfully explore subjects such as mental health, family, and environmental issues through the lens of personal narratives. By crafting stories that create empathy and engagement, her films are subtle reminders of the imperfections and difficulties we all experience.
Born in the Czech Republic, Karolina began a career in handball before leaving the world of pro sports and moving to Aberdeen, Scotland to study Film, Visual Culture, and English Literature.  She went on to earn an MA from the Film Production program at the University of Greenwich. 
She has written and directed several short films, including The Great Conjunction (2022), which won multiple awards.
Karolina is currently at work on several projects as a writer, director, and producer. She continues to hone her skills and receives guidance from an experienced professional in the film industry through the Creative Access Mentoring Programme. Alongside her creative work, she collaborates with independent clients, start-ups, and other companies to create content as a video editor.
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